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Roland Cartridge Recycling Program


By recycling your used Roland ink cartridges through Ordway Sign Supply you’ll appreciate discounts on your future ink purchases. We at Ordway Sign Supply will appreciate your business and Mother Earth will appreciate our consideration by not discarding non-biodegradable's in our land fills.

  • You’ll receive a $5.00 credit for each Roland 440ml Eco-Solvent ink cartridge returned toward the purchase of one new Roland 440ml Eco-Solvent ink cartridge.
  • You’ll receive a $2.50 credit for each Roland 220ml Eco-Solvent ink cartridge returned toward the purchase of one new Roland 220ml Eco-Solvent ink cartridge.
  • You can choose to receive a $1.00 per cartridge INSTANT credit, with a minimum of 25 original Roland Eco-Solvent ink cartridges. This instant credit is applicable to any purchase.
  • No after market, refilled, re-manufactured, or non Roland Eco-Solvent ink cartridges will be accepted.
  • Cartridges must include chips and have Roland labels intact.
  • Minimum 10 cartridges returned.
  • No maximum limit of cartridges returned.
  • Failure to comply with these terms will negate any rebates or credits.

How it works:

1. Package and box your cartridges.

  • UPS requires that used ink cartridges must be placed in a sealed plastic container or plastic wrapped within the cardboard box.

  • A taped plastic trash bag will work nicely.
2. Weigh and measure your box(es).
     • UPS will not accept oversized boxes.

     • Maximum 36 ink cartridges per box. More than 36 cartridges, use additional boxes.
     • We need to know the Weight and Dimensions before we can issue a UPS call tag.
3. Call us toll free at 800-967-3929 to place your new ink order, or place your order online. For online orders, please include a note in the "Comments" box when placing your order online stating that you will be returning used cartridges.
4. Complete the “GO GREEN - Ink Cartridge Refund Form”. On the bottom of the form, there will be one button to send us the form and one to print it. Once completed, please click on the send form button, then print the form to put into the box with the returned cartridges.
5. Once we have received the form, we will issue you an UPS "Call Tag”. We must receive the used cartridges within 14 days.
6. UPS will pick up your packaged ink cartridges at no charge to you.
7. Once we receive the used cartridges, we will credit your account for future cartridge purchases.

8. When purchasing new cartridges online, the shopping cart will charge you the full amount. After the purchase has been settled successfully (usually 1 day) we will then refund your credit card. If you do not currently have cartridge credits, you can return empty cartridges within 14 days and we will issue the refund after the cartridges are received.

9. If there are more cartridges returned than purchased, we will hold the cartridge credit on your account for further ink purchases.

     • This offer may be discontinued without notice.


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