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Plotter Setup in SignLab OE

SignLab has most plotter drivers built into the package. We do not use the windows driver that comes with the plotter. (throw it in the trash). During the install process, SignLab asks you what plotter driver you want to install. If you skipped this step, SignLab will, by default, installs the "CadLink FastBoard" driver and the "HPGL standard" drivers. We need to install the correct driver. 

Click on FILE>INSTALL>DRIVERS. Uncheck the "CadLink Fastboard" driver and the "HPGL standard" driver, and check the appropriate plotter driver for the machine that you have. (ie Roland Camm-1 CM/CX 24 12). Then click next.

The next step is to tell SignLab what port you are using to output to the plotter. The Roland CX-24, for instance, comes with 2 cables. You can plot via the serial port, or the parallel port. The Parallel (or printer) port is where you plugged the dongle into. On the side of the plotter there are 2 ports that are labeled serial and parallel. For parallel, plug the parallel cable into the dongle on the computer, and the port labeled parallel in the plotter. For serial, plug the serial cable into a serial cable on the computer, and into the port labeled serial on the plotter. 

NOTE: The Dongle is a security device for the software only. The plotter does not necessarily need to be plugged into it to function. For instance, if you wish to run the plotter via a serial connection, the you can plug a printer into the dongle in the parallel port or leave the dongle by itself. If you are having a message in signlab "Error Locating Security Device", click here.

Next we must tell SignLab where we have the plotter plugged into. Click on CUT>PLOTTER SETUP. Check that the correct driver is selected. Check the "Port Location". If you have the plotter connected to the Dongle, then choose LPT1. If you are using a serial connection, and you do not knot the number of the serial port, try COM1, and try to cut something, If this does not work, come back to CUT>PLOTTER SETUP, and change the Port Location to COM2.

If you have a Roland CX-24, also see this.

More on "error locating security device"

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