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Graphtec CE3000 Driver installation

If the driver that is installed in SignLab OE and SignLab OE composer is not functional, follow these instructions:

  • When the File Download window pops up, click on the Save button, and click on the "save in" pull down.
  • Click on "Local Disk (C:)", and double-click on the SignLab OE (or OE Composer) folder, and then the save button.
  • Click on "Start", on the startbar, then "search", then "For Files and Folders".
  • In the entry box named "Search for files or folders named:", type "SignLab5.ini".
  • In the "look in" box, click the down arrow, and select "Browse".
  • Double-click on "My Computer", then double-click on "Local Disk (C:)" then double click on the "SignLab OE" (or "OE Composer") folder and click the OK button.
  • Click on the Search Now button.
  • When the "SignLab5.ini" file appears, double click on it. You should get a screen that looks like this:

  • Click on the Edit menu then Find. Type in "Plotter", and click the "Find Next" button. Once it has found [PlotterSetup] (bottom of the screen), you can cancel the search window. You should get a screen that looks like this. (You might have to scroll down a few lines)

  • Change this to read:

  • Click on the File menu and Save. You can now close all the windows all the way back to your desktop. Then start SignLab.
  • With SignLab open, Click on the Cut menu, and Plotter Setup.
  • Make sure the selected driver reads "Graphtec CE3000-60".
  • Select the appropriate port. If you are using the cable that was provided with the plotter, the port will most likely be either "Com1" or "Com2". Click on the OK button.

Plot a sample job.


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