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Mastering Layout


This best-selling book covers the fundamental principles of layout for signs. It teaches how to see, organize and manipulate graphic elements for unified, legible and visually appealing results. Over 80 illustrations demonstrate "before-and-after" results of applying the principles. Includes a troubleshooting checklist for isolating, analyzing and correcting layout weaknesses in your own designs.
Vinyl Sign Techniques


By Jim Hingst

A comprehensive guide to every facet of the vinyl sign and graphics business. Compiled, edited, updated and condensed from 54 Vinyl Graphics columns in Signs of the Times magazine into 39 chapters, Vinyl Sign Techniques is a tremendous resource. The book is divided into four sections: sales and marketing, materials, fabrication, and vinyl application and removal. There is something for everyone in the business, from management, to sales staff, to installers in the field. Every important aspect to running an efficient and profitable vinyl sign business is covered in detail, often including valuable charts, tables and photos for reference. Jim Hingst, a respected and experienced veteran of the printing and vinyl industries, offers the lessons that were 25 years in the learning. Your business will benefit greatly from the advice in Vinyl Sign Techniques.

How to Estimate and Price Signs CD


Pricing guides offering national averages for the prices charged for sign work are valuable, but they don¹t tell the entire story. This new book teaches you how to arrive at your own pricing, based on cost estimates, predetermined mark-ups and profit margins. Once you¹ve learned how, you can calculate your own prices that will guarantee the profit margin you want. Let the other guy do the job for less when you know it would be break-even or unprofitable for you. This is one of the most inquired about areas in the entire sign industry ‹ how much should I charge? Make sure you are charging enough to make an acceptable profit.

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