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Application Fluids & Adhesive Removers

The Original RapidTac

This environmentally friendly product is great for installing decals and vinyl graphics. Granted, not all applications call for a "wet" procedure, but we do know that in most applications, forty to sixty percent labor time can be saved by using an application fluid. Sometimes one person can do a job (normally requiring two people to apply dry) in less time if an application fluid like Rapid Tac or new Rapid Tac II is used. (Rapid Tac II bonds faster than Rapid Tac, and is intended for films with a lower tac adhesive than premium vinyl.) Application fluid cleans without leaving residues. It then helps to "float" the vinyl until it is properly positioned. Best of all Rapid Tac and Rapid Tac II stimulates the adhesive to bond in approximately ninety seconds, even in adverse climates such as extreme hot or cold. It will not cause bubbles so there's no returning to poke holes in your work either. Your customers and your reputation will benefit from higher-quality applications.

RapidTac II

New Rapid Tac II will enable you to perform wet applications with a wider variety of film types (Intermediate, Cast, Economy, Calendared, Metallic, Reflective, Polyester, Mylar).

Rapid Tac II will also give you better control, allowing vinyl to bond faster to glass, and in cold weather (down to approximately 25 degrees f.)

Rapid Tac II is not a replacement for the Original Rapid Tac, and may bond too fast with "Premium Cast" films in warmer climates.

4 oz $4.33
Qt. $12.09
Gal. $34.56
Qt. $13.29
Gal. $38.04

Rapid Prep

For cleaning or pre-cleaning, Rapid Prep is a non-hazardous wash solvent that removes wax, grease, oil and silicone. After using Rapid Prep to clean the substrate (sign panels, autos or boats) you can apply paint or vinyl. Rapid Prep is also non- flammable, making it a superior product for sign shops, body shops and trim shops where safety is a big concern. Rapid Prep was formulated by people with hands on experience, with a desire to have a safer more effective pre-cleaner. This water born product is formulated for the removal of silicones, waxes, oils, road tars and other contaminates from surfaces being prepared for painting or for the application of vinyl graphics. Rapid Prep helps eliminate the problems of fish-eyeing of paints, also will increase the adhesion of vinyl graphics. Rapid Prep is a safe and economical product that all paint and application shops will benefit from. Rapid Prep also takes the place of many hazardous petroleum based products currently on the market today. Rapid Prep is NON-HAZARDOUS, NON- FLAMMABLE AND NON-TOXIC.

Rapid Remover

This environmentally friendly product is great for removing adhesive glue left over by decals and vinyl graphics. Rapid Remover is a non-toxic, water-soluble that breaks down and removes adhesives in sixty seconds! You spray it on, wait thirty to sixty seconds, and easily wipe it off with a plastic squeegee, with no damage to painted or bare metal surfaces. What may have been a four-hour job (and a messy one at that) can now be done in one and half-hours: an easy, clean and non-damaging removal. Your shop or business will benefit greatly from these products; think of them as tools. Get the right tool for the job!

Qt. $12.95
Gal. $34.95
4 oz $8.49
Qt. $24.84
Gal. $62.50

Action Tac

ACTION TAC is a ready-to-use vinyl application fluid for applying pressure sensitive vinyl and decals to most surfaces.

  • Less Aggressive Than Other Fluids
  • Will Not Attack Transfer Tape and Cause Separation
  • One Product for All Grades Of Vinyl
  • A Great Prep and Cleaning Agent One Product Does the Whole Job
  • Less Clean-Up Residue
  • Excellent Pricing
  • Smells Good, No Harmful Odors
4 oz $4.95
Qt.   $10.95
Gal. $26.95

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