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(Great for Orafol 631 vinyl)

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1.5" $5.43




2.5" $7.86 $10.61 $11.10  
3.5" $10.98 $14.79 $15.52  
4.5" $14.12 $18.96 $19.96  
6" $18.84 $25.27 $26.60  
8" $25.08 $33.75 $35.46  
10" $31.36 $39.27 $44.33  
12" $35.14 $47.14 $49.64  
14" $40.98 $55.18 $57.92  
18" $52.66 $70.16 $74.46  
20" $58.53 $78.54 $82.74  
24" $70.24 $94.28 $99.27 $90.37
30" $87.80 $117.82 $124.12  
48" $140.47* $188.51*  $198.54* $180.68*
 All Tape is 100 yards long.
 *Includes slitting to your specifications.
Please include sizes in the comment field when checking out.

We can also "custom slit" to your requirements.
Call us Toll Free  800-967-3929  to place your custom order.

Application Tape

Product Description:
Standard grade paper application tape designed for most uses. Releases clean and easy, also tolerates humid environments better that other application tape. This is an excellent product for plotter cuts and thermal die cuts of all size decals.
   R-Tape Clear Premium GXF-100: An economically-priced, ultra-clear application film. We were very impressed with the workability and anti-static nature of this premium product. We've secured a special purchase program, so we can bring you this premium clear ap tape at or below other standard clear ap tapes.
   Conform Series 4075-RLA: R Tape Conform Series are a premium tape formulated with advanced RLA™ technology for improved lay flat and release liner adhesion This unique adhesive stick to vinyl liners, and resists edge curling and tunneling when stacked, handled, rolled, stored or transported, allowing for a clean, professional appearance and trouble free graphic fabrication and application.
   Clear Conform AT-75: Has a clear plastic carrier which is excellent for precise registration, especially with light and multi-colored vinyl. Also creates a clean clear professional look for retail merchandising of graphics. Even though it has a medium tack adhesive, it picks up letters and graphics with ease, yes releases cleanly once applied. 

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