TrueVis TR2 Ink

500ml - $109.99

Roland TrueVIS TR2 ink is Eco-Solvent ink used in Roland VG2-540/640, SG2-300/540/640, and upgraded VG-540/640 printers.


TrueVis TR to TR2 Upgrade kit

Convert your VG or SG to TR2 ink and save 25%. Includes a set of ink, cleaning cartridge, cleaning solvent, and swabs. Limit one kit per printer. Available until March 31, 2021.

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Eco-Sol Max Ink 

220ml -   $67.99
440ml - $124.99

Roland Eco-Sol Max is an Eco-Solvent ink used in Roland SP-300/540, SP-300/540v, Pro2 SC-545EX, Pro2 SJ-545/645/745 EX, Pro3 XC-540, Pro3 XJ540/640/740, VS-300/400/500, and BN-20 printers.

Eco-Sol Max 2 Ink 

440ml - $124.99

Roland Eco-Sol Max 2 is an Eco-Solvent ink used in Roland XR-640, XF-640, RF-640, and VSi-300/540/640 printers.


Eco UV (ver2)

220ml - $94.99

Roland Eco-UV ver2 is a UV curing ink used in Roland LEC-300/330/540/640, LEJ-640/640FT, LEF-12/12i/20/30/200/300, and LEF2-200/300 UV printers.